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Ross University or other Carrebian Schools

what do you all think about Ross University and/or other carribean med schools? i know my chances are little to none in being able to get into med school in the states. just want some advice. thanks and have a great week!
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Why do you think you have little chance in med schools in the states? The Caribbean has an extremely high failure rate among the students - making it high risk even if you do go there, and then there is the issue of getting into residencies after. Unless that is truly your only chance, I wouldn't even look at it. It would be better to look at your situation in regards to US schools to see if that might be fixable first.
Yeah, or maybe you don't want to be a doctor at all...
I can't say that it would be my choice. But I know the a head of surgery at University of Maryland and he went to school in the Carribean. He's a bright guy but has the worst test anxiety in the world. I imagine it's a steep trip up hill. Maybe you can do some post-bac stuff and retake the MCATS.

Oh and litlebanana, do me a favor and piss off.
Heh. Believe it or not, there are other careers besides being a doctor, even careers in medicine, where you can be happy, help people, and make a good living. being a doctor isn't the end all.
Sorry, premed is a tough enough path to travel with out nay say-er. More and more I'm convinced that MCAT scores and GPA aren't much of a standard to evaluate a student by.
If you're not able to get into a US medical school, Caribbean medical schools are the next best thing. You get to rotate through US hospitals, and get the same basic science prep as any other medical school.

It will be a struggle to get into anything more competitive than family, medicine, peds, PM&R though. Lots of hard work.
DO schools have higher pass rates on the boards and a better shot of getting into a US residency.
I was including DO schools in the group "US medical schools", and assuming the original poster was doing the same.
I did not know that! Thank you.
I don't know anything about Caribbean schools, but if you haven't looked into Osteopathic Med Schools in the US, I would recommend it. They tend to have slightly lower admissions stats than allopathic schools, but you can end up doing almost exactly what an MD would.
Oh, and I also concur with litlebanana's sentiment that you may be just as happy pursing a different path. Med school is hard, even harder than you think it is, and there are lots of other options out there. I'm not trying to say give up on your med school dreams, just evaluate them a bit to make sure it's the best choice.
What makes you think you have little chance in US med schools? Have you looked at the DO route?
i know several doctors who went to school outside the US especially the Caribbean. In alot of the foreign schools they have a more hands on approach to teaching as well as you work in clinics and such. my doctor told me going to school outside the us was the best choice he made. hes a better doctor for it.
CONSIDER MED SCHOOL IN CUBA! No, seriously. It's free (you pay transport costs plus your own step exam fees), and the first batch just made it through and into decent residencies. Yes, it's a little more uncertain than US med schools, what with the political situation, but honestly, I hear they train great docs. I'm keeping it in mind as I wait for acceptances/rejections.
will instruction be in English or Spanish?


March 30 2009, 02:05:19 UTC 7 years ago

Spanish, but if you don't have any experience in the language they arrange for you to arrive six weeks early and have an intense immersion course.