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What are My Chances?


So I've recently decided that medical school is something I want to pursue.  I did my undergrad in Psychobiology but I never really cared too much about my grades and did a lot of partying.  Considering all that, my grades are decent.  I had a 3.5 but my science GPA is like a 3.1/3.2.  However, I did graduate in 3.5 years (and its a top university in the state), was the Community Service VP of my Community Service frat (that I was in all 4 years in college) and I currently volunteer doing outreach for an AIDS service organization.  I have past research experience but it was in 2005 but the program was extremely competitve to get into.  I worked in the top Neuroendocrinology lab in the country (or so I'm told).  Also, I started my MPH this spring.  To get in to med school, I will need to take physics but I have all the other pre-reqs.  I should be able to knock out both semesters of physics this summer between the 2 sessions offered.  I generally do decently on standardized tests but have yet to take an MCAT so I have no idea.  In addition, I think it would be a good idea to start volunteering at a local hospital...unless I have enough volunteering already?

Now my question, How good are my chances of getting into medical school?  Also, how many med schools do people usually apply to?  Will I be able to apply for med school for next year if I'm taking physics over the summer?

Sorry if this is the most obnoxious post ever. I just never had any pre-med advising and so feel completely lost. 
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