Ruchi (ruchirahni) wrote in premed,

Selling MCAT books, some for less than $10!

ExamKrackers 1,001 Questions in MCAT Physics, brand new- $10 + shipping,

Princeton Review HyperLearning Physical Sciences Review, brand new- $30 + shipping

Princeton Review Hyperlearning MCAT In-Class Compendium, brand new- $20 + shipping (it's an interesting array of passages with the answers in the back, I did it before test day and it helped me a lot)

Kaplan MCAT 45- These passages are hard but they're great to challenge yourself with directly after you study a certain section. For example, when I had Genetics down pat, I did all the Genetics problems. The hard questions cemented the material in my head. $15 + shipping

ExamKrackers Organic Chemistry, gently used- $12 + shipping

ExamKrackers Physics, new- $15 + shipping

and MCAT for physics, a thin volume with lots of passages, new- $2

I'm flexible on all the prices. Please do compare on Amazon if you have issues with any of them! No books have any writing in them whatsoever. You can comment here or e-mail me at if interested. Thanks, everyone, and good luck in your grad school journey!
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