Yang Runyu (foreverjiayou) wrote in premed,
Yang Runyu

I know I'm selfish- rant

I just felt like sharing my feelings. I'm not sure if it's allowed in this community, if it isn't, please kindly remove this. Thank you.

I don't really feel the fever anymore but I do have a cold still. Sucks to be me. Drats.

You know, now that I'm in university, my future seems so much more important. It feels like every decision I make could possibly just change the entire course of my life. Not studying for a test in high school was no big deal as it was easily made-up for on the following test. However, missing a test in university is a big deal. It's a big portion of your mark gone, a big portion of your GPA gone, and possibly a big portion of your opportunities in life just gone. Like that. In a snap.

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