Thief of Time (siete_reinos) wrote in premed,
Thief of Time

I'm failing physics, how screwed am I?

I am starting my premed degree this summer; my first class is Physics 1. I thought it was going well, I did well on the homework and felt like I did really well on the first test last week...but today I got it back and I failed! I also had to BS the first lab because I didn't understand it even after help from my teachers and tonight's homework I spent 3 hours on before I gave up. I'm just not getting it at all. It's like the entire class is in another language.

I don't have long to pull up the grade because the class is just 8 weeks. I'm thinking this is a bad idea. I am good at biology and always did well in biology and chemistry but never in math and I've never had physics. I want to be a doctor more than anything but all I can think is that I won't get into school because I'll fail physics. I just don't see myself understanding anything in this class. What do you all think? Should I drop it and take it again when I have the full 16 weeks? Is there a certain book that's great for explaining concepts? Or am I just screwed if I don't get physics? Help! I feel horrible about myself and like I'm going to be forced to give up on my dream. :(
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